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Backup you current IWDS data before installing

Before upgrading IWDS to version 2.x it is highly recommended to make a backup of your current IWDS data, i.e. of your IWDS configuration directory. Do it for each of your configuration directory if you are using several configurations.

  • You will then be able to reuse those directories with version 2.x

Refresh your IWDS data after installation

Once IWDS 2.x is installed and the configuration directory is defined, it is mandatory to “refresh” your inWebo and LDAP user data as the format of the files used to store these data changes with version 2.x.


User data files produced by previous versions of IWDS can no longer be used to make a “Diff” or do a “Sync”.

Batch mode updated

Beside the format of user data files, version 2.x also features slight changes in the way IWDS operates in batch mode. Please check the “Batch mode” version of the manual for more information.

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