Directory Syncing (IWDS)


Release Notes

  • 2.1.17: sync of new field “alternative login”

  • 2.1.15 and 2.1.16 are internal releases - not published.

  • 2.1.14: minor bug fixes and enhancements. inWebo status is now kept for all users including administrators. Extended email format support (including simple quotes in user name part of email address)

  • 2.1.13: updated IWDS to support email addresses defined on domains with long extensions (example:

  • 2.1.12: fixing a bug where IWDS in batch mode could crash when launched after a fresh installation or with a user different from the one that installed the software

  • 2.1.11: fixing a bug where the synchronization result screen could not be displayed in GUI mode

  • 2.1.10: fixing a bug where the group membership operations were not added to the synchronization task for expired users being recreated

  • 2.1.9: fixing a bug where the utf-8 charset encoding was not properly applied when IWDS was launched in batch mode

  • 2.1.8: modification of the encoding of the product from iso-8859-1 to utf-8

  • 2.1.7: fixing a bug where an activation email was not re-sent to pending activation users when option was checked in synchronization rule

  • 2.1.6: fixing a bug where the group synchronization could fail when using several LDAP sources having a group mapping defined

  • 2.1.5: fixing a bug where IWDS could fail to operate in batch mode

  • 2.1.4: fixing a bug where IWDS could fail while retrieving inWebo user group memberships

  • 2.1.3: minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • 2.1.2: management of inWebo services in "machine" mode

  • 2.1.1: optimizing the query retrieving inWebo groupe memberships. Minor bug fixes and enhancements